Wyngate PTA Cultural Arts Calendar 2018 – 2019

Monday, October 1:

Title: Billy B The Natural Science Song and Dance Man

Description: A Billy B. show is kinetic learning – from mimicking the slide of tectonic plates with legitimate “moonwalking” to pretending to be photosynthesizing leaves, Billy B. and kids all over the country have sung and danced their way to a better understanding of the natural world. A veteran artist who has appeared in nearly all 50 U.S. states, Billy B. has performed at such venues as Wolf Trap Farm Park Theater in the Woods, The Kennedy Center, and The Smithsonian Institution, and at museums and conferences across the country.

Tuesday, December 4:

One Author, One School: Kazu Kibuishi (details attached)

Wednesday, February 6:

Title: Jay Mattioli’s Motivational M.A.G.I.C.

Description: Fluttering doves appear from nowhere, students come on stage and become magicians, and a teacher levitates off the ground. A quarter finalist on America’s Got Talent, Jay Mattioli presents a complete magic spectacular that inspires students to work hard, set goals, be an active participant in life, and make their dreams come true.

Thursday, March 14:

Title: Be A-ca Awesome by Snowday

Description: Music performance, especially a cappella, is a great way to develop real world skills like public speaking, self-confidence, and teamwork. Snowday will lead the students into a world of creativity and musicality and explore the extensive capabilities of a human voice.

Friday, April 12:

Title: Rob Surette’s America Hero Art

Description: This award-winning speed painting artist has performed around the world and will really impress.

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