November 14th Board Of Education Meeting–Please plan to attend, as WJ Cluster Overcrowding will be addressed

Important Issue:  WJ  Cluster Overcrowding!

Does it matter to you if:

(1) The Board of Education comes up with a good solution to major HS overcrowding? WJHS is projected to be 300 students over capacity in 3 years, and 700 students over capacity in 7 years.

(2) The Board reopens Woodward HS with attractive programs, consistent with a challenging curriculum – so that WJ students who will attend Woodward get a great school?  

(3) The Board makes decisions that help our cluster get a 7th elementary school as soon as possible, and perhaps a third middle school?

These are decisions that will shape our cluster for years to come. Really, they matter to all of us.

So, if they matter to you, please mark your calendar for Monday, November 14th  – at 6:00 or as close to that as you can manage.

Your cluster representatives need you to attend the Board of Education hearings that night. To show your support for the best decisions for WJ, all you need to do is wear green, and hold up WJ signs (provided there) – as cluster coordinator Nermine Demopoulus advocates for our schools and our children. 

 We hope that you (and your children) will consider coming out to show support for our cluster’s priorities.  Nermine will be the first to testify at the hearing, which will start at 7:00pm in the Carver Educational Services Center Auditorium, 850 Hungerford Drive, Rockville, MD.  It is recommended that folks arrive by 6:00pm to obtain seating.

The following are  website links and articles which address the subject of WJ Cluster Overcrowding: 

November 3rd BOE Meeting Discussion of WJ Overcrowding (starts at minute 76)

October 25th Bethesda Magazine Article on WJ Cluster Overcrowding

Roundtable Discussion Process Overview

MCPS District Implementation Plan


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