PTA Spnsored Cultural Arts Assemblies for the 2016/2017 School Year

Wyngate Elementary School Cultural Arts Assemblies

School Year 2016-17


ILLSTYLE: The  History of Hip Hop – October 27, 2016

Illstyle, a hip hop group based in Philadelphia will wow the Wyngate Wildcats with both their amazing dance moves and positive messages.  The group has worked with Boys II Men, Will Smith and LL Cool J, and their work focuses on the movement and spirit of hip-hop with a variety of performance disciplines such as ballet, jazz and tap.  Be sure to ask your student to show you their new moves after this high-energy performance.


Baltimore Improv Group: Life is Improvised – December 7, 2016

The Baltimore Improv Group or BIG will expose the Wyngate students to the always surprising and hilarious world of improvisational theatre.  BIG’s performers create never before seen characters and scenes from audience suggestions and invite students into the show.  Students will learn the key tenants to improv: listening, collaboration and creativity — all key skills in life.  See if your family can try some improv at dinner — we can guarantee laughter!

Taikoza:  Japanse Drumming and Dance — January 18, 2017

This Japanese taiko drum group has dazzled audiences around the world since 1995.  Taiko means big drum and the drums were originally used to purify and drive evil spirits away.  Taikoza draws from Japan’s rich tradition of music and performance inspired by the many festivals in Japan.  They even appeared on ESPN at the Sumo Tournament at Madison Square Garden.  Wyngate will be astounded by the thunderous taiko drums and Japanese flutes as students embark on a journey through different regions of Japan.  Watch out — your pots and pans may be used as drums after this show!

Prismatic Magic: Black History Laser Tribute — February 9, 2017


Wyngate welcomes Prismatic Magic.  We will celebrate the profound contributions of African-Americans in an exciting new way. Part history lesson and part uplifting musical revival, the Black History Laser Tribute is an unforgettable experience for students of all ages. Historical events, such as the Tuskegee Airmen and Dr. King’s “I have a Dream” speech are brought to life using vivid laser animations.  Students participate throughout by singing to musical classics from Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, and Aretha Franklin; artists who laid the foundation for today’s popular music.  Ask your child to share their favorite part of the show or song.


Ballet Theatre of Maryland:  Pirates of the Chesapeake — April 27, 2017

The Ballet Theatre of Maryland, founded in 1978, will perform a comedic spoof based on the first documented acts of piracy on the Chesapeake Bay waters during the early 1600s.  The troupe will bring to life pirates, settlers, and Native Americans who lived, fought and died in 17th century America.  Local history, swordfights and lost treasure come together through dance to tell a story that depicts our colonial roots and determines the destiny of the upper Chesapeake Bay.  Prepare for your students to be fully versed on stage combat and sword fights!




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