Multicultural Night – March 14 2019 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Dear Wyngate Parents,

It’s time again to showcase the wonderful diversity of the Wyngate community. By popular demand, we have been able to move this event from October to March so that families have time to prepare for this event and it is not right after school starts. Hope we can have great  participation for this event. Last year’s families showcased Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Colombia, Denmark, El Salvador, France, Japan, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Nicaragua, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Turkey, Trinidad, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Wales

If you can represent a country or a culture, please consider hosting a table for this fun and vibrant evening.  This is a great event for girl or boy scout troop projects.   Grandparents, and other family members, are welcome to participate.

  • DECORATE A TABLE TO SHOWCASE YOUR COUNTRY/CULTURE – art, textiles/cloth, carvings, instruments, money, stamps, books, children’s games, flags, pictures…; share finger food “specialties” from your country; wear traditional costumes or clothing.

  • CULTURAL ENTERTAINMENTchildren can sing, dance, play traditional music, read a poem from their country.  On this night, Wyngate brings the world to OUR stage!


To schedule a performance, email Christine Saah Nazer at [email protected]– describe the performance and approximately how long it will last.       

To reserve a table, email Sujata Bardhan at [email protected] – indicate how many tables/chairs you need, if you require an electrical outlet, or have any other special requests. 

DEADLINE TO RESPOND: Tuesday March 12th!


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