Monday and Wednesday Food Truck Nights at Wyngate – Week of 5/2

Monday– 5/3

Shouk: Israeli street-food (100% plant-based and Kosher) this and every Monday.

  • Pre-orders: until 3:00 pm on Monday, with pick-up at Wyngate Elementary from 5:30 pm to 5:45 pm   
  • Walk-up orders: N/A
  • Menu/ordering: to download their app.  Once in the app, select Start a New Order, Hood Drop, and choose Wyngate to place your order.

Wednesday – 5/5

Wednesday’s Food Truck Night features four vendors – Prescription Chicken, Saya Salteña, Astro Doughnuts, and Kona Ice (weather permitting)!  Note – no RASA this week.

Prescription Chicken: Everyone knows that chicken soup can cure practically anything that ails you, especially the kind you don’t have to make yourself! That is what Prescription Chicken is all about: delicious, additive free, all-natural chicken soup. Choose from a variety of chicken-based and meatless soups in personal size and quarts!

Saya Salteña – First time at Wyngate!  This vendor makes traditional Bolivian salteñas.  Salteñas are extremely labor intensive to make and require practice to perfect the intricate roping that visually distinguishes salteñas from empanadas and similar meat pies.

Prescription Chicken and Saya Salteña use the same ordering site – please see below:

  • Pre-orders: now until 12:00 pm on Wednesday, with pick-up at Wyngate Elementary on Wednesday from 5:45 pm to 6:15 pm
  • Walk-up orders: Prescription Chicken may have limited items for walk-up orders (they will only be here between 5:45 pm and 6:15 pm).
  • Menu/ordering:  Once at the site, select:
    • Order Now
    • Pickup
    • Start Order
    • Add items to shopping cart
    • When finished, go to the cart and click “Change” under Prescription Chicken’s address
    • In the drop-down menu, choose “Later,” “Wed., May 5”, “5:45 PM”, and “Done”
    • Address will still say 1819 7th Street, NW, but the vendor knows your order is for Wyngate pick-up on Wednesday at 5:45 pm.

Astro Doughnuts and Fried Chicken: This truck provides a new take on the traditional southern combo of waffles and fried chicken.  The Washington Post crowned their crème brûlée doughnut “the city’s best.”

  • Pre-orders: N/A
  • Walk-up orders: 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm (or until they sell out)

Kona Ice (weather permitting): Grandma Kona returns with her flavored shaved ice!

  • Pre-orders: N/A
  • Walk-up orders: 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

When ordering or picking up, please maintain social distance and wear a mask.  Thank you for your continued support of local businesses!

Robin McNeill

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