Helping out at the June 18th Wyngate Spring Fair!



We have a new Spring Fair Date!     

It is June 18th from 11am to 4pm.  Here are some opportunities to help out!

Donate a Cake

Due to expected rain the Spring Fair has been moved to Saturday June 18. But we would still love your

cake(s) just at a later date.  If you signed up to bring a cake on May 21, please plan on bringing a cake on the morning of June 18th! (or drop it off at Wyngate on Friday, June 17th).   

If you can no longer contribute a cake, please delete your name from the Sign-Up Genius.   If you have questions, please email Plum at [email protected].!

*What is a Cake Walk?”   It is a game. Kids walk around a circle with numbers on the ground while music plays. When the music stops the kids land on a number. Then the organizer calls a number and the kid standing on that number wins a cake! The game goes on and on until all the cakes are gone.

It is super fun. All the kids want to win a cake….hence all the cakes we need.


SSL Volunteers:

Updated:  Thursday, May 19th at 4pm

SSL Volunteers should check the Sign-Up Genius and see if the shift you signed up for May 21st, is still a good shift for you, given the new date is June 18! 

If you cannot work the shift that is noted on the Sign Up Genius, please delete your name from the Sign-Up Genius.  Thank you!   We appreciate your support!


Adult Volunteers

Click here to check the Adult Volunteer Sign Up Genius.   Adults who signed up for a shift on May 21st, will work that same shift on June 18th, unless you go into the Sign-Up Genius and change your shift time. Thank you for signing up to help!



Pop-Up Tents/Canopies

Do you have a Pop-Up Tent/Canopy that the Spring Fair Can borrow on June 18th?

Please email [email protected] if you can help!

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