February 7th County Council Meeting in Rockville

                             Tuesday, February 7th County Council Meeting in Rockville                                            (same time as Wyngate PTA’s General Meeting)


Will your kids go to North Bethesda?  Our local middle schools badly need space. In 6 years, they’ll each have more than 1160 students, requiring a newly rebuilt Tilden and a large addition at NBMS. They need – school construction money from the County Council. For our future middle schoolers, Tuesday matters.

And, no matter what schools your kids attended, you know: In 6 years, the Walter Johnson area will have 670 more high school students. Whether our kids will attend WJHS or Woodward, we want a modern, fully equipped facility for them! We need the County Council to start now to plan for excellent high school facilities. For our future HS kids, Tuesday matters.

And, our neighborhoods thrive when our local schools thrive. For the sake of our communities, Tuesday matters.

So, if preventing major overcrowding and maintaining great high schools matters to you, please mark your calendar for Tuesday, February 7th  – at 7:00 or as close to that as you can manage.

Your cluster representatives need you to attend the County Council hearings that night. Impressions count – if we’ve got at least 10 parents and students from each school, we’ll have an impact. So – please email me to say you can come!

To show your support for the best decisions for WJ, all you – and your kids – need to do is wear green, and hold up WJ signs (provided there) – as cluster coordinator Nermine Demopoulus advocates for our schools and our children.

Please come out on Tuesday to support a strong budget, for our schools and our kids. This year’s budget decisions really matter – and therefore, so do you.


Council Hearing Room

100 Maryland Ave

Rockville, MD 20850


Parking is behind the building. We’ll hold some seats for parents, but please come as close to 7:00 as you can.


Email Liz King, one of the WJ Cluster Representatives, with questions.

Thank You!

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