Everything you need to know about back to school at Wyngate Elementary

As you squeeze out the last of the sunscreen from the bottle and start cutting tags off of shiny new backpacks, your friendly neighborhood PTA is pleased to bring you the ONE message that has all the information that you’ll need to kick off the school year. Yes, it’s a long message, but it’s one-stop shopping, so pour yourself a nice beverage and tackle everything at once….
    • Get your school supplies (mercifully, the list is much shorter this year)
    • Mark your calendar
      • Sneak a Peek Day, Thursday, August 30
        • NEW for this year:
          • Class lists will be posted on the school doors and on the school website (hallelujah!) at noon.
          • Sorry, but popsicles won’t be distributed because of the restriction on snacks. 
        • You can find details about the schedule for the day HERE.
      • First Day of School, Tuesday, September 4
        • Doors open at 8:40 am, first bell is at 8:50 am, and class begins at 9:00 am
      • Back to School Picnic, Friday, September 7, 5:30 pm -7:30 pm
        • Gather with friends old and new at this casual event, which features a PTA-sponsored DJ. 
        • Bring your own picnic or order food from Potomac Pizza. Orders must be placed online by Tuesday, Sept. 4 by logging into AtoZ Connect and going to the Back to School Picnic category in the “store.” 
        • Questions? Contact Jennifer Goodman ([email protected]).
      • Back to School Night, Wednesday, September 12, 7:00 pm — 8:30 pm
        • This is a parents-only event, so make arrangements with your favorite babysitter now.
    • Download the school calendar–NEW THIS YEAR!
      • Never miss another event! Your PTA has created a handy Google calendar with all the key dates for MCPS, school, and PTA events. Here’s the link to the calendar and instructions on how to add it to your personal Google calendar. Note: this is our first year trying this system, so please bear with us if there are any technical issues.
      • If you prefer having hard copy, you can find the PTA calendar HERE and the MCPS one HERE.
    • Join the PTA
      • By joining, you’ll sleep better knowing that you’ve supported our students, teachers, and community. Plus, you’ll get a handy dandy directory (print AND online versions) so that you can easily send birthday party invitations and quickly find the address when you have to pick up your child from an after-school play date.
        • Wondering what the heck the PTA actually does anyway? Take a look HERE.
      • To join, logon to your AtoZ Connect account (or create a new account if you’re new to Wyngate). From there, go to the menu (three horizontal lines on the top left of the screen), select “store,” then “products,” and then “membership.”
    • Make a donation to the PTA
      • Your membership contribution (see above) is vital, but unfortunately, it doesn’t cover all the costs of our year-round events. Instead of asking you to do a painful fundraiser (ask veteran parents about the days when they had to sell wrapping paper), we are respectfully asking for a tax-deductible donation of $50 per student. Just think of the feeling of relief you’ll get by knowing that you’re done making contributions even before school starts!
      • To donate, logon to your AtoZ Connect account (or create a new account if you’re new to Wyngate). From there, go to the menu (three horizontal lines on the top left of the screen), select “store,” then “products,” and then “donations.”
    • Verify your information for the directory
      • If you want to be included in the PTA-sponsored directory you MUST verify your information EACH year. Yes, it’s a bit of a hassle, but the good news is that you can do it at the same time that you’re joining the PTA and making your donation (hint, hint).
      • Read how to do it HERE
  • Help the school earn EASY MONEY
    • Sign up for the free Amazon Smile program and the Wyngate PTA or Wyngate Foundation will earn 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products.
    • Collect Boxtops for Education and put them in the box in the school lobby. Each one earns us $.10, which adds up quickly.
  • Sign up to volunteer
    • We know that you’re busy, but by sharing just a bit of your time and talents, you will make Wyngate Elementary a more vibrant and welcoming community. Without your involvement, the PTA simply cannot continue to provide the resources and events that make Wyngate so wonderful. Just fill out this quick survey to let us know how you would like to be involved. There are lots of options–daytime or evening; one-time or ongoing committees; leadership roles or helpers.
  • And on behalf of the office
    • There’s a brand new administrative secretary in the front office, so please be patient with Ms. Copeland as she gets to know the school.
    • If there’s a change to your child’s dismissal plan, please send a legible, hard copy note that includes your child’s full name, the date, and detailed instructions. If he/she is going home with another student, BOTH children need to send in notes with both kids’ full names.  During the school day, teachers and office staff are busy taking care of our kids, so sending emails with changes in dismissal aren’t the best means of communication. If there’s a last-minute change, just call. 
    • It’s probably safe to assume that the answers to many of your questions are on the Back to School page of the school’s website. If you can’t find what you need, feel free to call the office at 240-740-1080.
    • Be on the lookout for Mr. Wiebe’s newsletter. It’s chock full of useful information. And now, you can also follow him on Twitter (@WyngateES). 
Thanks for your time and attention. We hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer. See you at school!
Caryn Seligman, on behalf of your PTA Board

Become a Member

Your $40 tax-deductible contribution will provide vital support to our students, teachers, parents, and community.

Plus, you’ll receive access to the school directory, allowing you to reach out to fellow parents as needed.

Log into your AtoZConnect account, go to “Membership”, and select “Family Membership”.

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