April and May Meetings

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The following are some important meetings coming up! 

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Tues.,April 19 at 7pm

Wyngate Principal Selction Meeting

Wyngate Media Center

Dr. Sarah Sirgo, MCPS Director of School Support and Improvement, will be talking about the Wyngate Principal Selection Process and will be seeking feedback from Wyngate Community on the principal section process.

Wed., April 20 at 7pm

Wyngate Parents Teleconference on Overcrowding at the Elementary Level

Telephone Conference from your home or remote location

There will be a discussion of options to address overcrowding in the WJ Cluster’s elementary schools. The Wyngate Elementary School community’s feedback will be solicited, as the WJ overcrowding issue is a concern to all of us in the WJ community.    Leaders from MCPS Division of Long Range Planning are looking forward to hearing the Wyngate community’s thoughts and preferences, concerning approaches to address the WJ Cluster overcrowding issues.

The conference call number is: 866-921-1131

With this code: 202-585-2077

Tues.,May 3at 7pm

Wyngate PTA General Meeting

Wyngate Media Center

Mrs. Leister, Wyngate Staff, PTA Board and Parents will participate in our Monthly PTA General Meeting. This will be our last meeting of the year!

Wed.,May 10at 7pm

Wyngate Roundtable Discussion Meeting

Wyngate Media Center

Billy Lester and Kulika Frazier, Wyngate’s dedicated WJ Community Roundtable Liaisons, will be sharing important information about proposed solutions to the WJ overcrowding issue at this meeting. They will also be asking for the Wyngate community to give input on the proposed WJ overcrowding solutions.

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