An Exciting 2015-16 New School Year Ahead


The PTA is excited to begin the 2015-16 year. In our PTA surveys in previous years, an overwhelming majority of families indicated that they’d prefer to make a one-time financial contribution to the Wyngate PTA, rather than buy wrapping paper and gifts. Well, here’s your chance! In lieu of our fall wrapping paper fundraiser, please make a tax-deductible, confidential contribution to support PTA programs. 100% of the funds you contribute are tax deductible and will go directly to Wyngate PTA programs, with no need to profit-share with an outside company. OUR GOAL IS $20,000 Please help us reach our goal by making a donation online via the PayPal link below.

Direct Donation Campaign ($50/child suggested donation)

An Exciting 2015-16 New School Year Ahead 1

Questions? Contact Jane Belenky Smith  ([email protected])

Become a Member

Your $40 tax-deductible contribution will provide vital support to our students, teachers, parents, and community.

Plus, you’ll receive access to the school directory, allowing you to reach out to fellow parents as needed.

Log into your AtoZConnect account, go to “Membership”, and select “Family Membership”.

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